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Welcome to the 11th International Conference on Grief and Bereavement in Contemporary Society.

Every three years, this Conference acts to foster international and multidisciplinary collaboration in research and clinical and community practice across cultural and geographical boundaries on promoting a good death and bereavement for a better world.

The Lisbon Conference will offer an opportunity for all to share the world´s latest developments in grief research, clinical and community work fostering integrative strategies under the banner of “A common language”.

We are looking forward to this great opportunity to enrich our professional lives and to build professional and personal relationships that will ensure the continued success of this community of scholars and health care professionals. You will have an enriching and rewarding experience attending plenary lectures, participating in debates, symposia on select topics, presenting oral communications and posters and attending pre/post conference workshops.

We are totally committed to the Lisbon Congress in contributing to an improvement in the most current research and practice on Grief and Bereavement and its related fields, and to inspire us to search in new and creative directions. Additionally, we hope that you will enjoy a very challenging process of communication with a broad spectrum of scientific and clinical disciplines with old and new friends in a lovely, sunny, calm modern city full of history and mystery.

Looking forward to you joining us in Lisbon.

António Barbosa

Chair of the 2017 Conference Organizing Committee

Join us in Lisbon - Host City to ICGB 2017!